Bids & Engagement

FFE Consulting submit tender proposals for either a consultancy specification & procurement role, delivery and coordination or complete project management. We offer competitive costings, broken down in a bill of quantities based on a clear comprehensive outline of our statement of work. Through engagement and briefing with staff and key stakeholders, FFE Consulting provides services which allow the detailed analysis of the space by:

Workspace analysis: Review of existing spaces to understand how it currently functions and compare this with the requirements for the space. This involves review of schedule of accommodation, size and function of rooms and adjacency analysis of the spaces.

User group management: Review with client, stakeholders and design team involves reviewing of existing information or new proposals to see whether the brief can be achieved. We manage workshops to enable scrutiny, analysis and collective agreement to way forward.

Legacy survey: Review of existing FF&E in each room and categorisation of what could be re-used so that this can be taken into account in development of FF&E proposals.


Once developing a clear brief with the client, FFE Consulting are able to meet the relevant space requirements with furniture solutions that are cost effective, well designed and quality driven. We review and survey the boundaries of our client's space and spatially plan FF&E arrangements and locations for fixed and loose furniture as well as bespoke design. We also factor in legacy items that the client wishes to keep, which are reflected in our drawings; demonstrating exactly how their existing furniture can work within the newly designed space.

We successfully coordinate all processes of the design development from concept through to completion by implementing Level 2 BIM management. This ensures cross coordination with all consultants involved, including clash detection which allows models to be consolidated. The FF&E is then adapted to suit the space as the building changes, allowing us to produce reports at key project stages.

 We have an extensive detailed BIM library of key furniture items, FFE Consulting are able to produce accurate drawings and in turn itemised schedules to feed back to the client. Completed deliverable's typically include 3D visual renders, drawings, costed schedules, area data sheets (ADS), product books, sample rooms and furniture.


Contract schedules and cost plans are used to generate purchase orders from manufacturers, with negotiations on discounts. FFE Consulting then organise and programme deliveries according to a detailed FF&E delivery programme. This coordinates into the building programme and can be adjusted to the building works.

Using spreadsheet scheduling, FFE Consulting prepare and manage purchase orders, forming the primary point of contact for single or multiple supplier orders, arranging deliveries, inspections, installations and will review goods for acceptance. We give our attention to all stages of the procurement process to ensure the client has reassurance throughout the entire project.

FFE Consulting understand the impact of confined budgets, therefore by successfully managing expenditure and time frames, we ensure that quality items at valued costs are reviewed and specified. Where there is a potential to make savings, alternative lower-cost options will be always be presented to the client, to ensure that they are receiving the most competitive value available from the current furniture market. Every product is reviewed in great detail for performance, functionality, quality, design and ergonomic values.


We attend regular design team meetings to discuss coordination of M&E and ICT services and therefore architectural, mechanical, electrical and ICT information is integrated within the FF&E layouts from an early stage in the process, reducing re-design later.

Items such as fixed ICT points and radiators are imported into the FF&E model direct from the consultant’s model, ensuring accuracy.

FFE Consulting can be employed to take on all or some parts of the procurement process; FFE Consulting confidently have years experience in coordination; ranging from office fit-outs to hospitality. We are competent in working with as well as managing other appointed sub-employed FF&E installers.

Delivery & Installation

Using our trusted logistics teams, FFE Consulting manage and organise the entire logistics process, ensuring that FF&E is delivered and installed to site in line with signed-off plan layouts and contract schedules. We have a dedicated project management team to overlook, coordinate and snag the installation process for defected or damaged furniture, as well as to organise the removal and replacement. Areas are snagged and signed off with the project manager and client and later followed up by FFE Consulting personnel as part of our day 2 service.

By using our own installers, FFE Consulting have complete control over all coordination and logistics involved for in most cases, large sites still under construction or those that have site restrictions with difficult access/loading areas. We carry out full project-specific risk assessments, as well as produce method statements outlining our health and safety policies. O&M manuals containing warranty and technical specifications are handed over to the client at sign-off.

Offering an optional decant service, our team can also pack up existing furniture and organise to be relocated to either another room/area within the same building, a temporary location or a new building. Subject to a decant survey, we will manage the schedule for the decant process with all key stakeholders and will provide the resources to efficiently pack and re-locate items safely. We manage all sign-off procedures post decant.